Stardock IconPackager 5.0 + 11 Icon Packs

Stardock IconPackager 5.0 + 11 Icon Packs | 130 MB
Stardock IconPackager 5.0 [Without Icon Pack] | 41 MB

* Change Windows icons at once by applying icon packages.
* Automatically upscale to extra large size
* Can change the file type icons.
* Recolor icon sets on the fly
* Transform all Windows icons
* Thousands of icon packages to choose from on
* Use large icons on Windows XP
* Apply random package on boot on Windows XP
* Create icon packages
* Easily preview icons using IconExplorer
* Shell integration to allow for icon changes quickly and easily
* Easily mix and match icons

Download[With IconPack | 130MB ]

Download[Without IconPack  | 41MB]



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