How to Download Torrents Without using any Bittorent Client allows you to download torrent files without any bittorent application. Its bit similar to Torrific post I posted some weeks earlier.

Follow the below steps .:


1. First choose your desired torrent file from a torrent site which you want to download.

2. Copy its torrent download URL.

3. Go to in your favorite browser and paste the torrent download link in the box.

4. Click the download torrent button.

Features of .:

1. Resume Features : this website supports the resume feature so its great if in any case you wanna go for some work you can come back and resume it.
2. Uploading and Seeding Torrents : By keeping download window open you can upload and seed the torrents.
3. Viewing Stats : you can all the stats about your uploaded and downloaded data.
4. Creating direct links : you can a direct HTML link which will your users or friends to download files directly.



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