25 Daily Free Backlinks For Your Website

25 Daily Free Backlinks For Your Website

25 Daily Free Backlinks For WebsiteBacklinks can help you increase your websites rank getting you on top in the search engine, which is really good for the SEO so today we will discuss about a free service called SocialMonkee it’s a free service which helps you to make 25 backlinks to your websites content everyday.
The process is really simple just follow the below steps and you will through this service .:
1. Just register @ SocialMonkee
2. Than Verify from your registered email address and move forward to SocialMonkee website.
3. Currently you are a free member that means you get 25 backlinks everyday and a limit of submitting 1 URL so that’s not a problem for a free one so now you are on dashboard just click on Download Plugin/Submit like below .:
25 Daily Free Backlinks For Website
4. Now you will see page like below just add all the information about the link you are submitting.
25 Daily Free Backlinks For Website
5. Add the title of the URL you are submitting, add the URL, and simply add Tags and description and category and click Submit to 25 social sites that’s it not it will process your request and submit your URL within 24 Hours.
Enjoy Free Backlinks with SocialMonkee.


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